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Descendants Of Ancient Eurasian People Yagnob


This route is remarkable both the unique natural characteristics, and cultural and historical sights. Hospitality and responsiveness of local population will surprise you pleasantly. You will experience a measured way of yagnobian mountaineers life from within, remained almost invariable throughout centuries.
Fan mountains, isolated mountainous area is situated between Hissar and Zaravshan Ridges of the Pamir-Alay immediately strikes you with unusual beauty of its lakes and marvelous aura . Here you can see the mysterious, legendary Iskanderkul lake – the Lake of Alexander Great; amazingly colorful Alaudin lakes, necklace of Marguzor lakes (“7 beauties”), lakes Kulikalon are located in a narrow hard-to-get valley Zindon (Jail), the wonderful Big Allo lake. Nine peaks, each over 5,000m high, protect beauty and peace of the area.
Having passed along the line silk caravans, you can understand why these earths so involved a lot of great explorer and conquerors from which were Marco Polo, Alexander the Great, the Chingiz-Khan, etc.

The most favorable time for travels: May - October.

Tour’s plan by day (itinerary):

Route: Dushanbe - Yagnob -  Iskanderkul Lake- Alaudin Lakes - Kulikalon Lakes - Penjikent - Istravshan - Khojent

Day 1
The Meeting at the airport of Dushanbe. Transfer to hotel. Excursion in the city.
Night in hotel.

Day 2
The Trip to Gissar city. Excursion in the Gissar fortress. Visiting of a historical museum in Dushanbe - the greatest sculpture of the sleeping Buddha. A museum of national tools. Excursions on a city. East market. Night in hotel

Day 3
Moving through Anzob pass (the Anzobsky tunnel) to a valley of Yagnob river to Bidef village. Along road it is possible to admire picturesque mountain landscapes and views from the pass. Night in the house of the local resident.

Day 4
Not difficult transition to village Pskon. Acquaintance with a life of yagnobians. Night in the house of the local resident.

Day 5
Returning to Bidef village. Moving to Iskanderkul aria. Takfon - fire-spitting mountain. Excursions to waterfall (45 m.) Snake Lake. Night in a cottage of  Iskanderkul camp-base.

Day 6
Moving to Alaudin Lakes. During the road you will admire picturesque Alpine landscapes, the majestic snow tops Chapdara (5049m) and Bodkhona (5138m) will open to you. Night in a tent camp.

Day 7
The hike round lakes and to Muddy Lake, under the highest top of Fan mountains Chimtarga (5489m.)

Day 8
Not difficult transition (5 hours) through pass Laudan (3623м) to Kulikalon Lakes. An amazing view on unapproachable five-thousand tops Maria & Mirali with hanging glaciers. Night in tent camp on the bank of lake.

Day 9
Descent to the mountaineering camp “Artuch”. A sauna. Night in tents or in cottages.

Day 10
Moving to Penjikent. Acquaintance with a city. Visiting of archeological excavations of ancient Sarazm. A historical museum. Mosque Alim Dodkho. Night in hotel.

Day 11
Moving to Hojent. During the road - acquaintance with the city Istravshan. A mosque the Cookgumbaz. Night in hotel.

Day 12
Survey of sights of Hojent. A citadel. A historical museum, etc. Night in hotel

Day 13
Returning to Dushanbe (send-off in Hojent). Late at night transfer to the airport.

Day 14
Flight back home.



Descendants Of Ancient Eurasian People Yagnob

Basic equipment:

  •     Travel pocket or suitcase
  •     Day backpack with approx. 30 litres of volume
  •     Ankle-high climbing boots with profile sole
  •     Water bottle with 1 litre of capacity
  •     Suitable travelling clothing (T-shirt, trekking trousers, travelling socks)
  •     Warm additional clothing (pullover, cap, gloves)
  •     Active protection and solar protection (headgear, sunglasses, solar cream)
  •     Forehead lamp or torch
  •     Personal medication and mosquito protection

Additional recommended equipment:

  •     Nordic walking poles
  •     Penknife
  •     Photo equipment, films, binoculars
  •     Comfortable shoes or sandals
  •     Clothes for swimming
  •     Rain protective covering for the backpack
  •     Functional laundry
  •     Trekking trousers (water resistant, windproof)
  •     Rain jacket with hood (water resistant, windproof)
  •     Sweets

Descendants Of Ancient Eurasian People Yagnob

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The tour’s cost includes:

  • Meeting/send-off at the airport.
  • Meals on the route
  • Hotel (***)
  • Guest house (base camp)
  • Transport
  • Equipment (tent + mat)
  • The gas equipment (a stove + balloons)
  • Guide
  • Porters

The tour’s cost does not include:

  • Flight to/from Tajikistan
  • The visa and visa support
  • Museums & others paid objects
  • A food of group during movement on a line and in cities.
  • Loading animals (burros)

Descendants Of Ancient Eurasian People Yagnob