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    Exploring And Unearthening Ancient Tracks Of Silk Road

    • Expeditions
    • Travel Code: 3502
    • Duration (days): 17
    • Regions: Sughd, Khatlon
    • Participants: Min. 2 / Max. 10

    The program includes visits to the most outstanding archaeological and architectural monuments of this ancient land of the Orient, its museums, mountain lakes and valleys where remains of ancient peoples survive, ongoing excavations and many more.

    from 3.499,00 €
  2. Mountains, Lakes And Cities Of Tajikistan

    Mountains, Lakes And Cities Of Tajikistan

    • Foto–Tours
    • Travel Code: 0605
    • Duration (days): 7
    • Regions: Sughd, Karategin
    • Participants: Min. 4 / Max. 6

    Photo Tour: Several millenniums civilisations in Tajikistan risen and falled, blossomed in the bright light of their cultures and disappeared again. Only legends reached us through the thousands of years.

    from 599,00 €
  3. Nationalpark - Unique Dinosaur Footprints

    Nationalpark - Unique Dinosaur Footprints

    • Trekking (Hiking)
    • Travel Code: 0703
    • Duration (days): 11
    • Regions: Karategin
    • Difficulty Level:
    • Participants: Min. 4 / Max. 10

    Trekking: There are still no analogues of the tracks of a pentadactyl dinosaur that was discovered in the Shirkent gorge. And that's why the "Shirkent tracks" is an unique treasure of history. Weathered and carved gigantic water "tower" and "locks" reddish color and bizarre alternate terraces, covered with bright juniper forest, which gives the entire Shirkent barrier a view of a fabulous fortress.

    from 839,00 €

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