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National Park Shirkent "Traces Of A Dinosaur"

National park "Shirkent" is well known because of its petrified dinosaurs’ footprints belong to Upper Jurassic (Shirkent-2 and Harkush) and Lower Cretaceous (Shirkent-1) deposits. The animal that left those footprints attributed to a new genus and species of Theropod Macropodasaurus gravis. But dinosaurs’ footprints are not the only attraction of this place.
Not everyone is able to look ahead and reveal the secret of the mysterious "Shirkent barrier", as in the middle stream the Shirkent riverbed compressed by an almost impassible canyon which protects original world of reserve land.
And it is worth to see! Noble plane trees are replaced by relict juniper woods. Vast high-alpine meadows, abundance of rivers and streams provide shelter to rich wildlife of the reserve.

The panorama of Upper Shirkent impresses with its majesty and grandiosity of landforms. Surrounded from all sides by high and rugged mountains, the valley from the north ends with snow range Koldyrga, certain peaks of which reach 4400-4500m.
Against grey granite rocks and sparkling range snowfields background clearly stands out lower relief layer, formed by red-colored sandstone and conglomerate, which form here broad step stretched on more than five kilometer distance and named “Shirkent Barrier”. Bizarre shapes, eroded and sharpened by water giant “towers” and “castles” of reddish rock are follow by terraces covered by beautiful juniper wood that gives the whole Shirkent barrier view of the fairy-tale fortress. Mountain streams, wash out for centuries its way in once single monolith of reddish rock, have created natural bathes, waterfalls and grottoes. Visiting of the Shirkent barrier will leave at you a lasting impression.
The advantages of traveling in the Shirkent are proximity and security of this area, good trails, convenient approach, and ability to travel here at a time when other mountainous regions inaccessible due to deep snow.
Travels in Shirkent National Park are most attractive in the spring from mid-April to mid-June, and also in the autumn from early September to early November.

Route-1: “ Along The Traces Of A Dinosaur To The Shirkent Barrier”
Dushanbe – Shirkent village - "Dinosaur Traces" - Pashmikuhna Pass ( 2700 m) - Oldjar river – Pashmikuhna Siedlung - Djaupaya Tract - Harkush Fluß - Sutun-Komar Pass (2750m) - Cherahmazor Trakt - Sorbin river - Dushanbe.

Tour’s plan by day (itinerary):

Day 1 – Arrival
Welcome to Tajikistan! Your plane arrives in Dushanbe airport, where You will be receipted and transferred to the hotel / apartment. For the rest of the day You can rest or discover Dushanbe by Yourself.

Day 2
Moving from Dushanbe To Shirkent village – 2 hours. Ascent from the road to the rock massif to dinosaur footprints (location Shirkent -2) along the channel of the river’s lateral tributary – 4 hours, camping, lunch. After lunch there is an excursion to the dinosaur foot prints. Overnight on the ground near rock massif.

Day 3
Tour along the trail through the picturesque hills covered with juniper wood to the spring near Pashmikuhna pass – 5-6 hours. Overnight near spring or higher on a crest under the pass.

Day 4
Ascent on Pashmikuhna pass within 4-6 hours along the trail on rocky slopes actually passes over peak 2700m, with panoramic view of entire gorge. Descent to Oldjir river takes about 2 hours.

Day 5
Moving along the trail on left slope of Shirkent river to the hunters’ house (3-4 hours), lunch on a picturesque glade near confluence of the rivers, then crossing the Shirkent river to Pashmikuhna village and after that ascent to Djuapoya tract – 4-5 hours.

Day 6
In the morning – tour of “Shirkent Barrier”, rest, lunch, after lunch – descent to confluence of Shirkent and Harkush rivers – 3-4 hours.

Day 7
Reserve day (Reserve days are used by the group leader for rest or in case of bad weather).

Day 8
Passage 8-10 hours – ascent along Harkush river to Sutun-Kamar pass, then descent to Sorbin river canyon – right tributary of the Karatag river. Overnight in Cherahmazor tract.

Day 9
Descent along Sorbin river to the Karatag river (3-4 hours). Moving to Dushanbe. Overnight in hotel.

Day 10
Free Time.
Accommodation in hotel / apartment.

Day 11 - Departure
Transfer to the airport.
We wish you a pleasant homeflight.




National Park Shirkent "Traces Of A Dinosaur"

Basic equipment:

  • Travel backpack with approx. 70 litres of volume
  • Day backpack with approx. 10 litres of volume
  • Ankle-high climbing boots with profile sole
  • Water bottle with 1 litre of capacity
  • Suitable travelling clothing (T-shirt, trekking trousers, travelling socks)
  • Warm additional clothing (pullover, cap, gloves)
  • Active protection and solar protection (headgear, sunglasses, solar cream)
  • Forehead lamp or torch
  • Personal medication and mosquito protection
  • Sleeping bag

Additional recommended equipment:

  • Nordic walking poles
  • Penknife
  • Photo equipment, films, binoculars
  • Comfortable shoes or sandals
  • Clothes for swimming
  • Rain protective covering for the backpack
  • Functional laundry
  • Trekking trousers (water resistant, windproof)
  • Rain jacket with hood (water resistant, windproof)
  • Sweets

National Park Shirkent "Traces Of A Dinosaur"

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  • Equipment (tent + mat)
  • Gas equipment (burner + gas balloons)
  • The guide-interpreter
  • Porters (guide assistants)
  • Hotel in the city
  • Meals in the city (depending on selection of accommodation)


The tour’s cost does not include:

  • Flight to/from Tajikistan
  • Visa and visa support
  • Registration
  • Meals in the city (depending on selection of accommodation)
  • Museums and other paid entertainments.
  • Cartage to carry cargo (donkeys)

Additional Service (not included in the tour price):

  • Flight tickets
  • Visa - from 25 €
  • GBAO Permition - from 30 €


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