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  • Khujand
  • Marguzor Lake
  • Kulikalon Lake
  • Alaudin Lake
  • Yagnob Valley
  • Yagnob People
  • Iskanderkul Lake
  • Zmejnoe Lake
  • Hissar Festung

Through The Mountains And History Of Tajikistan


You travel by jeep the adventurous mountain roads of Tajikistan, learn the historical cities, the diverse culture and the friendly people of Tajikistan, before venturing into the backpack - go adventure in the breathtaking scenery of the mountains and the fan Yagnob valley.You travel by jeep the adventurous mountain roads of Tajikistan, learn the historical cities, the diverse culture, the friendly people of Tajikistan and go to an adventure trekking tour in the breathtaking scenery of the Fan mountains and the Yagnob gorge.

Tour's plan by day (itinerary):

Day 1: Dushanbe
Meeting at the airport and transfer to hotel morning sightseeing tour of Dushanbe visit – Rudaki park, Monument of Ismaili Somoni, 1st Tajik State funder and the History Museum, Museum of Buddha, Botanical Garden
Overnight at guesthouse

Day 2: Dushanbe - Gissar
Morning depart Gissar fortress – the residence of Gissar beks. Observing the fortress and historical museum situated in old medresse. Return to Dushanbe. Overnight at the hotel
Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 3: Dushanbe - Hujand
After breakfast drive to Hujand city. Check in Sugd Hotel. Evening walking around Sirdarya river.
Overnight in hotel.

Day 4: Hujand - Isaravshan - Penjikent
Morning for Istaravshan for its sights, Old Madrasa, Old Palace and some craftsmen. Further drive to Penjikent.

Day 5: Penjikent sights
After breakfast visit sights of Penjikent. After lunch drive to Seven lakes.
Overnight at traditional homestay at the 4th lake.

Day 6: Trekking Seven lakes
After breakfast we hike from the 4th lake to the 7th lake and further hike over Tovasang pass (3305m).
Overnight in tents

Day 7: Tovasang pass - Sarimat
After breakfast hiking from Tovasang pass to Sarimat valley.
Overnight in tents

Day 8: Sarimat - Zimtud village
After breakfast hiking from Sarimat to Zimtud village.
Overnight at homestay

Day 9: Zimtud - Chukurak lake
After breakfast trekking to Chukurak lake.
Overnight in tents

Day 10: Chukurak lake - Kulikalon lakes
After breakfast trekking to Kulikalon lakes.
Overnight in tents.

Day 11: Alouddin lakes
After breakfast trekking from Kulikalon lakes to Aloudin lakes through Laudan pass (3628m).
Overnight in tents.

Day 12: Aloudin lakes - Veshab
After breakfast trekking down to Vertical base camp and transfer to Veshab village.
Overnight at traditional homestay.

Day 13: Veshab - Oburdon
After breakfast we will explore the village. After lunch we will go the remotest district in the valley: Kuhistone Mastcho. On the way we will visit the ancient Obburdon fortress. Dinner and overnight at the homestay "Habib" in Langar.

Day 14: Langar - Tabasbin
After breakfast we will drive towards Tabaspin Gorge (10 km). The car will drop us on the highest point, where we will reach the gold mine, where we will set up our camp.
Overnight in tents.

Day 15: Veshab - Margeb
Arrival in the Margeb Village. Dinner and overnight at traditional home stay "Sayoh".

Day 16: Yagnob valley
After breakfast we drive to Shahsara (25km, 1h) and from here we will start our hike to the Yagnob Village Naumetkan (6km, 3hs) where 12 families live here. Excursion and lunch in a traditional Yagnob house. After lunch we will continue our hike towards Tangi Chanor (1km, 30min.).
Dinner and overnight in the camp.

Day 17: Yagnob gorge
After breakfast we start our hike towards the "Yagnob Canyon" called by locals TANGI (narrow gorge) (4km, 1h). It is located at the crossing of two rivers called Duoba. Close to Duoba we will visit an ancient stone mill, which is still working. We proceed along the Yagnob river to the heart of Yagnob Gorge: the settlements of Pskon and Naumetcan (7km, 2hs). In the Pskon Village the local musicians Boboi Inoyat and Boimurot will entertain you with yangobian songs. After lunch we will go th the eastern part of the Valley towards Qirionte Village (10km, 3hs). On the way we will see 7 pillars still remaining from the Zoroastrian times. Legend about these pillars will be told by Qirionte villagers during dinner.
Dinner and overnight in the camp close to Qirionte village.

Day 18: Yagnob Pskon
After breakfast we will have a chance to visit places with petroglyphs. Then we will hike down to Pskon village (10km, 3hs). Here we will have lunch and then a short visit to the local school that serves children from 8 families. By evening we will reach the village of Naumetkan (12km, 4 hs), where the car will take you back to Margheb (32km, 1.5hs). Dinner and overnight at the homestay "Zaminkaror" in Margheb.

Day 19: Yagnob - Lake of Alexander
After breakfast drive to the Lake of Great Alexander. The biggest lake in the Fan mountains. Upon arrival visit of Fan waterfall, Snake lakes ans Panjchashma spring.
Overnight at homstay.

Day 20: Lake of Alexander - Dushanbe
After breakfast transfer back to Dushanbe. Hotels chek in.

Day 21: Departure
Early morning transfer to Dushanbe airport.



Through The Mountains And History Of Tajikistan

Basic equipment:

  • Travel backpack with approx. 70 litres of volume
  • Day backpack with approx. 10 litres of volume
  • Ankle-high climbing boots with profile sole
  • Water bottle with 1 litre of capacity
  • Suitable travelling clothing (T-shirt, trekking trousers, travelling socks)
  • Warm additional clothing (pullover, cap, gloves)
  • Active protection and solar protection (headgear, sunglasses, solar cream)
  • Forehead lamp or torch
  • Personal medication and mosquito protection
  • Sleeping bag

Additional recommended equipment:

  • Nordic walking poles
  • Penknife
  • Photo equipment, films, binoculars
  • Comfortable shoes or sandals
  • Clothes for swimming
  • Rain protective covering for the backpack
  • Functional laundry
  • Trekking trousers (water resistant, windproof)
  • Rain jacket with hood (water resistant, windproof)
  • Sweets


Important Information:
Tajikistan is almost completely undeveloped in terms of tourism and has a basic infrastructure once outside Dushanbe. During this journey the group will spend time in remote areas without home comforts or easy access to medical facilities. Although a high level of physical fitness is not required, travellers should be comfortable with the realities of a wilderness adventure, and prepared for very basic conditions in the countryside. The roads in the region are rough and often unsealed, with some sections traveling on single-track roads above river valleys. We use 4-WD vehicles and highly experienced drivers, however this itinerary may not be suitable for those who suffer from heights or are nervous passengers! This is truly an adventurous itinerary for the experienced traveler.

This tour is of an adventurous nature. Our style of traveling means that it is desirable to carry a backpack as your main luggage and use a daypack for items you will want to access during the day. Please bear in mind that your luggage will be loaded in a jeep and we are travelling on bumpy roads - fragile items should be well protected, and you must be prepared for your luggage to get dusty and be thrown about a bit. Please pack as light as possible since there will be times when you will need to carry your own luggage and this will also maximise space in the vehicles. Investment in protective bags for camera equipment and similar is well worthwhile.

The significance of roads does not correspond to their quality. Road surfaces vary and their general state demands 4-wheel drive vehicles in good condition. As the quality of road is in bad condition some time you may stop for a while if the car needs repairing. The quality of roads, the weather conditions and the quality of the vehicles are decisive in calculating the time needed between destinations.

Home stay facilities outside the cities are basic, often not private bathrooms, you can take a bucket shower, (toilets are not en suite and are typical Asian squat-style.),

Occasionally it may be necessary to amend this itinerary for reasons beyond our control, such as bad weather and poor road conditions. Changes to flight schedules can sometimes occur, which may also lead to changes to this itinerary.

Central Asia is a developing region whose infrastructure, values, customs and standards differ from what you are used to at home. Please bear this in mind as you are traveling in this exciting area and respect the fact that you should not impose your standards and expectations on the culture there. The driving habits in this part of the world are something for which you ought to prepare yourself!

This is an ‘Expedition’ trip and we hope to expose you to all aspects of the local culture. Please be open-minded. The easiest way to overcome any problems is to be open-minded and bring with you “The Spirit of Adventure”!

Through The Mountains And History Of Tajikistan

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  • Meeting / departure at the airport
  • Transport on the route
  • Meals on the route
  • Equipment (tent + mat)
  • Gas equipment (burner + gas balloons)
  • The guide-interpreter
  • Porters (guide assistants)
  • Hotel in the city
  • Meals in the city (depending on selection of accommodation)


The tour’s cost does not include:

  • Flight to/from Tajikistan
  • Visa and visa support
  • Registration
  • Meals in the city (depending on selection of accommodation)
  • Museums and other paid entertainments.
  • Cartage to carry cargo (donkeys)

Additional Service (not included in the tour price):

  • Flight tickets
  • Visa - 25 €
  • GBAO Permition - 30 €


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Through The Mountains And History Of Tajikistan